Looking for a therapist can be challenging. Choosing one can be even harder. There are so many of us. How does one decide? I created this website so you can get a sense of who I am and how I work. As you browse please feel free to call me directly with questions.

The focus of my practice is helping creative people that have reached a crossroad in their lives and careers. This includes men and women in the second half of life who feel a loss of meaning and purpose, young adults wondering where their genius lies, couples moving towards marriage for the first time, and long-term partnerships facing conflict yet wondering if they can fan the flame of desire once again.

These normal life stages are full of unexpected moods like fear, anger and loneliness. They can bring anxiety and self-doubt. And the familiar ways of coping no longer seem to work. What you are going through is a natural process of discarding old ways of being in order to make room for a renewed sense of self and a vision for more meaningful relationships. This is a fantastic time to rediscover your own innate compassion, courage, imagination, and love.

Maybe I can help. My education and training as a therapist is based in the traditions of Western depth psychotherapy (especially the work of Carl Jung) and Eastern spirituality. My life experience as a musician, cook, and graphic designer allows me to understand the specific challenges encountered by individuals with a creative spirit.

While my approach to therapy is effective for a great many people, my specialty is working with artists of all types, such as composers, directors, chefs, painters, writers, editors, photographers, decorators, sculptors, architects, designers, and art directors, as well as students and apprentices in these fields.

I hold a holistic view of the human being where mind and body are intricately linked. So while I primarily use talk therapy I often enrich the experience with dream exploration, mythology, music, mindfulness practices, and somatic work. Most importantly, I am very much “in” the therapy with you, creating an atmosphere that is safe and effective, caring and responsive.